Why You Should Have Concrete Floors, they are extremely durable, they are very resilient as well as tough. They are so tough they can withstand pressure from very heavy equipment. For example; they can withstand stacked crates, forklifts, cars and even heavy trucks. Concrete flooring is so durable it is often used in commercial areas such as warehouses or company garages. Concrete flooring is also very difficult to damage by things that can damage other types of flooring. Things such as high heels, pet claws, broken glass or even furniture legs will not even scratch the surface. Although it is possible to chip concrete floors, damaging your floor with dropped items is rarely an issue. You would generally have to make it your goal and work very hard at even trying to damage your floor.

Concrete flooring is also very easy to maintain. Making sure they stay looking the best will only require a small amount of maintenance. they will need to be waxed or sealed every 3-9 months, but thats depending on the level of traffic. This is in order to maintain the protective layer over the surface. Other than that you can easily use a cleaning agent to mop and clean them periodically.

Not only is it easy to maintain but there is a benefit to you and your pets. Concrete is always cold. So if you find yourself living in a hot climate city or state it can be perfect for you. It is also perfect for your indoor pets. They can lay down on the cool floor while it is hot outside.

If it is sealed and properly maintained it could last indefinitely, it can even survive under high traffic conditions for years. They can save you money, and they can also prevent the inconvenience of having to install new flooring after traditional flooring has aged or been ruined.

Most everyone thinks that concrete flooring can be convenient, but they don't feel it looks as nice. They think of concrete as a old, rough, gray, bumpy, ugly surface. However, modern technology advances in concrete setting and mixing have allowed designers to have an endless variety of different texture and color affects they can design into concrete floors. Sometimes they can mix the color that you want of the concrete inside the concrete before they actually pour the slab. You can also have your concrete floors polished, thereby giving you clean, smooth and stylish floors in almost any color or design you want!‚Äč