Polished concrete has made its way into the interior design industry and is there to stay. Whether it is used for floors or countertops or even furniture, polished concrete not only looks extremely beautiful and elegant, but it is also very durable. Read on to find out everything you need to know about polished concrete and how you can match the cement which is used in your house for different purposes.

What is concrete?

Concrete is a substance made out of several different types of materials. Cement is one of the most important constituent materials of concrete. Generally, a cement binder and an aggregate are used to create concrete. Even though some companies create different versions of this with a high content of recycled items, the final product which is produced by these companies generally weighs equivalent to granite.

There are many variations of custom counter tops, we can help design

manufacture your ideas to your liking. From different colors to inserts the possibilities are endless

Conter tops

Above is a custom bar counter top with an English walnut inlay, it was formed and poured in concrete. The wood was sanded and the concrete was polished out. Then it was sealed with laminating resin which had to be polished out as well.

The bar sits atop a wall that we skim coated, stained, and sealed. The wall sits atop the floors that we ground, polished, and sealed.

How to Get Your Polished Concrete to Match Your Concrete Countertop

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