white marble concrete stained floor
new look stain gray sidewalk
white and light grey stain living and kitchen area
pink polished stained concrete floor
red charcoal stained concrete floor
black epoxy polished garage floor
light grey stained decorative polished concrete floor
charcoal red decorative concrete floor
brown red stained concrete floor
close up white stained polished concrete floor
decorative stamped concrete stained brown
Decorative surface
tan beige polished decorative floor
stained polished concrete flooring
warm gray tan decorative stained concrete floor
ginger pumpkin orange stained concrete floor

How do we stain concrete? 

Staining concrete is all about the prep work no matter the stain, for instance some stains use acetone as a carrier to get deep in the concrete floor. The pores of a concrete floor have to be clean and open allowing the concrete stain to make deep penetration. Using a machine with diamond polishing pads opens up the concrete making it porous, and enabling it to soak up the stain. We have many color samples, or we can match colors as well.

black brown tan gold stained concrete floor
north compass stained concrete flool